• Mail is the #1 source of consumer values

  • 84% of women said they like getting ads and coupons in the mail

  • 74% of young adults want to receive offers and coupons in the mail

  • Direct Mail is 10-30 times more effective than e-mail and other digital channels

  • Households with incomes of $100,000 or more are twice as likely to USE A coupon than those who earn less than $35,000

  • 73% of people find out about local businesses from coupon mailers

  • 1/2 of all people will return to a business ONLY if they have a coupon

  • Consumers prefer mailed coupons over mobile and on-line coupons by a four-to-one margin!

Money Mailer is a consistent and solid marketing strategy for our law firm. The shelf life is great, the results are outstanding and the clients the advertsements bring in are terrific.
— Litchney Law Firm
I have tried other advertising with poor results. Money mailer outperformed the other envelope by over 400% on the first mailing. Money Mailer is up there with the best of them.
— Papa Murphy's
Money Mailer targets the people right around our business. We mail to 20,000 homes with Money Mailer right around our area, and we used another direct mail company that mails to 50,000 in many other areas. We get as many customers from Money Mailer ads as we do from the other direct mailers. With Money Mailer, there is no waste. Money Mailer gives us the best return on our investment!
— Akebono Japanese Cuisine & Sushi Bar
It didn’t take long to see results. It was obvious Money Mailer works. We were amazed at how many coupons were coming in on a daily basis. Now Money Mailer is a big part of our monthly and annual marketing plan. We know that if we get the right offer into the hands of the customers, they’ll use it. If your business or service needs more customers, Money Mailer is a sure-fire way to get them to your door.
— Whitney Oaks Golf Club