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We know local.

Money Mailer is your Local Marketing Consultant. We’ll work with you to provide recommendations on offers, frequency, and specific demographic targeting to ensure that your campaigns are as effective as possible. As Local Marketing Consultants, we know the opportunities and challenges for your specific market and we are dedicated to help create a marketing plan for your unique situation. Money Mailer has a proven product line that includes mail, online, social media and mobile.

Current Minnesota Zone Map (each zone equals 10,000 households)

440,000 total circulation Mpls/St. Paul

$120,000 average annual household income

49% have Bachelor’s Degree

Over $900,000 average net worth

86% use coupons

75% family households

38 median age

85% owner occupied (40% above market average)


From Direct Mail to Online to Mobile Marketing, Money Mailer Solutions Deliver the Results You Need.

MoneyMailer has been serving the United States for over 32 years by reaching 22 million homes on a monthly basis. For the past 20 years, our Money Mailer team has been helping hundreds of Twin Cities area businesses get and keep more customers. At Money Mailer, you will receive the strongest direct mail opportunity in the Twin Cities giving you the national branding and superior local content that drives readership by our consumers. You will also receive:

  • Excellent individual consultation for your business

  • Superior artistic design and implementation of your own branding and promotions

  • Full analysis of your business needs and how Money Mailer can meet those needs and objectives

  • The content that you need to “set the stage” for your business in the eyes of the consumer

  • Extended complimentary coverage through our internet site www.moneymailer.com, Facebook and NEW mobile marketing—All included

  • Money Mailer customized program at no additional charge. With custom programs that are created to fit your marketing budget, you will find Money Mailer to be one of “the best employees” that you have in growing your business.